Some years ago when in my early twenties, I was assigned to work with a group of youth who were just a few years younger. Their eyes were dim with despair and boredom. Their spirits had gone on permanent vacation. My job was to motivate them to want to“ be somebody”… whatever that meant. Being spiritually formed in a halo of bright light and nurtured closely between death and hope, my life was on the line from day one. Challenge was just something to do.

That young recalcitrant group lead me up, down and around many sharp turns and dangerous corners with no hesitation. They were set on their failure and I was set on my success to give them a fresh take on life. I discovered my calling with them. I thank them for allowing me to recognize my blessing as a Visionary. I can see what it can be and work towards making it so. My fragile infant’s halo of light has given me the power to bring into the dark my gift of bright vision to find and create a way to make it better.

I bask in the light of being a Seasoned Woman, aged to perfection by the flavors and spices of the bitter and the sweet. Having hard earned years that can visualize age 100 as easily as I can look back and remember 50, is an amazing missionary Vision. At this point, my Life lives in the present tense on the corner Change and Grow Streets.

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The Seasoned Woman,
Theda PhD