About Dr. Theda

Dr. Theda Palmer is an accomplished cross- cultural interpersonal communication specialist, who has lived and worked in the New York City for over forty years. She has excelled as an arts-in-education administrator, lecturer and entrepreneur. Theda has traveled extensively, facilitating seminars and workshops for women, to strengthen cultural competency, as relates to their communication in relationships.

Dr. Theda is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Lincoln University where she majored in Speech and Theatre. Upon receiving her degree she traveled to New York City to begin a career in Theatre. Dr. Theda received many accolades for her theatre and dance performances with her independent company, The Street Players, developed inspire troubled youth in East Harlem. During this period Dr. Theda earned her Master Degree in Communication at Hunter College in New York City.

She returned briefly to St. Louis to assist Dave Williams with the “Black Circle Hour” television show. The late Curtis Mayfield, Bill Eckstein and James Brown were among the many celebrity guests who appeared on the show. Dr. Palmer was the first African American woman in St. Louis to direct and write for the weekly television show.

In 1986, Theda earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from Howard University, in Washington D.C., where she remained for several years as a communication professor, in The School of Business. She returned to New York City and became the District Two Coordinator for Arts and Culture, New York City Board of Education. In this role, Dr. Palmer created and established, The Professional Performing Arts School, where in it’s infancy, a student won the coveted Tony Award on Broadway.

Dr. Theda’s creative energy shifted to the mission of non-profit community organizations. She served as the COO for the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS and later filled the position of Program Director for Health Watch Information and Promotion Service, a national non-profit organization dedicated to combat and prevent teen pregnancy and violence. She is an active Board member for The Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center and The Harlem Jazz Scene, Inc.

Since1997, Theda has: founded The Seasoned Woman, Inc., written and published, The Seasoned Woman Speaks, started a line of casual clothing and accessories for seasoned women, and has recently become the co owner of an original 1927 Harlem speakeasy, that nurtured the talent of a young unknown girl named Billie Holiday.

Her overall goals are to serve as a voice for the self- empowerment of mature women and to eliminate our cultural negative stereotypes of mature women, who are age 50 and beyond. She presently works, as a professional Life Coach in New York City.Theda’s greatest accomplishment is life. She has been blessed with two years as a breast cancer survivor.

Dr.Theda Palmer exemplifies the seasoned woman.